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Each year, Dr. Varlack delivers a number of presentations at both academic conferences and campus events in an effort to stimulate thought regarding issues of social justice and race, theories of the Black utopia, and the role of African-American literature in twenty-first century conversations about identity, Black nationalism, and the barriers to the American Dream. Building upon his research on race, gender, and cultural politics, these presentations are aimed at bridging the gap between literary studies and social action akin to the work of Langston Hughes and Claude McKay--luminaries of the Harlem Renaissance era who used their work to address social ills and to promote much-needed sociopolitical change. Some of the conventions he frequently attends include the College Language Association (CLA), South Atlantic Modern Language Association (SAMLA), and Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) conventions.

In addition to presenting papers at conferences across the nation, Dr. Varlack has also held workshops and speaking engagements at universities for events such as the Evelyn G. Etheridge Conference on the Harlem Renaissance. These opportunities to share his work as well as perspectives on innovative pedagogy have helped him to sharpen his lens as an educator and scholar eager to train the next generation of leaders and agents of change. For that reason, Dr. Varlack always looks forward to guest lecturing and to organizing events. To book him for a speaking engagement, use the booking form.

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