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Media Profiles

Profiled in "Arcadia Launches the Center for Antiracist Scholarship, Advocacy, and Action (CASAA)" by Jeff Rutenbeck and Dan DiPrinzio. Arcadia University News, 16 Nov. 2021.

Profiled in "For Dr. Varlack, Diversifying One's Own Perspective is Crucial to Learning" by Timothy Stasek. Arcadia University News, 12 Mar. 2021.

Profiled in "Varlack's Critique at Fall English Colloquium" by Alyssa Dvorak, 12 Nov. 2015.



Interviewed in "Banned Books Week: A Look into Censorship On- and Off-Campus" by Heather Fitzgerald. The Retriever, 9 Oct. 2019.

Interviewed in "Leaning into Discomfort: The Value of Reading Banned Books" by Abigail Hart. The Retriever, 8 Oct. 2017.

Interviewed in "Langston Hughes's Harlem Home Set to Become Artists' Haven" by Igor Bosilkovski and Danya Hajjaji. The Uptowner, 28 Sept. 2016.

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